Sparkling white wine

Varietal Composition: Glera 90%, Bianchetta Trevigiana 5%, Perera 5% – wine made from certified organic grapes.

Appellation: Sparkling wine naturally fermented in bottle, aged on its lees and thus with sediment (il fondo / sur lie).

Soil: clay and calcareous.

Harvest period: last week of September at peak ripening, manual harvest. This procedure brings out the aromatic fruity features of the original vine.

Vinification: soft pressing and fermentation at 18°C controlled temperature. The wine undergoes secondary fermentation in bottle. Lees aging gives the vine the saliness that makes Prosecco CollFòndo stand apart from the crowd.

Alcol Content: 10,5 % vol.

Total Acidity: 5,50 g/l

Residual Sugar: 0,0 g/l

Colour: straw yellow

SO2: < 50 mg/litre

Taste: The aromas actually evolve over time thanks to prolonged contact with the yeast present in the lees: the fresh notes typical of Prosecco at the end of fermentation develop gradually into increasingly complex notes of crusty bread and peach flesh. Similarly, the initially mild, fruity flavors change as months go by, becoming more complex and drier with a pleasant bitterish aftertaste. This wine is best enjoyed from the month of July of the year following harvest. We recommend serving it carefully: to appreciate its qualities at their best, pouring into a carafe with all the sediment !

Serving temperature: 8˚ – 10˚ C